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Alpha Release #1 "Project Mayhem"

Things expected to work:
- based on Android Open-Source Project (AOSP) v 4.0.3_r1 (IML74K)
- dualboot kernel (without reflashing), ability to choose OS after power on.
- 3D drivers, OpenGL
- hwrotation (portrait mode only, accelerometer HAL doesn't work)
- touchscreen (multitouch)
- hw buttons (volume, power)
- ECI accessory (headset buttons)
- USB networking
- lcd off in sleep mode
- alarm driver, RTC
- mounting MyDocs as "SDCard" [realized; NOT FIXED, but HACK EXISTS]
- basic video decoding (sw) and playback, youtube (choppy)
- basic CellMo functionality: network registration, USSD, SMS, data (GPRS/EDGE/3G), signaling. Actually, ofono/ofono-ril stack is used: all things that it able to do on the n900.
- bluetooth (scanning, can pair devices. I didn't test deeper).
- charging (note: without any notification in UI)
- sensors: accelerometer
- audio: playback (audio routing to: loudspeaker, headset or earpiece)
- lights HAL (lcd brightness)
- root access (via adb shell; su/Superuser.apk)


The same as:

Installation HOWTO:

1. Install dual-boot kernel as described here:

2. Install sillyboot. Details:

3. Are you ready for NIT? ДА или НЕТ?!?

   a. Download tarball from here: , check its integrity, md5 sum for this archive is ee57d8c3b9199e87bb5c355e8c9d1cc3
   b. copy the archive to your Nokia N9.

   c. execute "as root" command:
Code: [Select]
tar xjvf /path_to_archive/nitdroid_n9_ics_alpha1.tar.bz2 -C /home/
4. Reboot, push "Volume Up" button when message "Press VolUp to boot alternative OS" appear . Wait a little, pray a little...

   First of all: go to Settings->Display->Sleep, choose "30 minutes". Critical defect ("too deep sleep to ping watchdogs") is yet to be fixed.
   Don't let your device sleep. Otherwise it will switch off:)


5. Usefull stuff:
   get adb from Android SDK (

   Commands that would make your life easier:
   adb connect -- connect to your device. USB/ADB is broken, but ADB works well over USB networking.
   adb logcat -- for reading "main" log
   adb logcat -b radio -- for reading "radio" log
   adb shell -- to enter to shell
   adb pull/push -- allow get/put file from/to the device
   adb shell rr -- "restart radio" -- restarts ofono and RIL
   adb shell bb -- show battery/charging status

6. Hot fixes:
        Battery charging:

        Deadly-deep-sleep problem, solution:

   Thanks to people contributed to the NITDroid project, especially BDogg64, DJ_Steve, Jay-C, Crevetor. Thanks to sniper_swe, he involved me to N9 story:)
   Thanks to "Nokia guys", Carsten Munk, Jukka Eklund, ofono team. Thanks to people involved in openmode stuff.

   And last but not least, thanks to everyone who made donation.
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Re: Android 4.0.3 (ICS) for Nokia N9. Alpha release #1 "Project Mayhem"
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FYI: has been moved to new host, nninedroid_ics_alpha1.tar.bz2 renamed to nitdroid_n9_ics_alpha1.tar.bz2 and now is available for download.
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